09/09/2022 – ROTACTION IS OUT!

Get it on Google Play

After 5 or so months of development, Rotaction is available for purchase. I hope you guys enjoy it.

Long Live The King

The Queen died yesterday. Although it’s likely you already know that. 96 years is a pretty good run, and a lot of people would consider her to be the rock that held the UK together.

It’s a new era. I’ve not a fan of Charles, but I can’t give him too much grief considering the size of the shoes he now has to fill.

I kind of wish I wasn’t releasing Rotaction literally the day after all this. But it can’t be helped.

Side Project Progress

It’s coming along. Slowly but surely. Learning a lot about inverse kinematics, Unity’s animation system, and more. Gonna be learning the animation rigging system next to get this bow working and fiddle around with the animations more. I still haven’t got far enough with it to show off yet, but hopefully I’ll have something soon.

Hell of a week. Play Rotaction, enjoy it.