Year 3 – 08309

Mobile Devices And Applications


This module focused on mobile development, specifically on the Android platform. We used an IDE called Eclipse along with the Android SDK.

The lab work introduced us to developing small apps using the SDK. Things like layouts, pages, events, and various Android specific tools. On top of that, we learnt about JSON and how to export data into that format.

The coursework was to build a wordsearch puzzle game that sent and received data from a server. The user would send a request to receive the daily wordsearch puzzle, it would be sent in the JSON format, the app then hand to transfer that data into usable code and display the puzzle. Once the user completed the puzzle, their completion time and solution were sent back to the server for review. Additionally, the app had a feature where the user would view previous puzzles and their scores.

Unfortunately, no images or code are available for this module.