02/09/2022 – Rotaction Is Complete! Release Date!

After 5-6 months of development, Rotaction is complete and ready for release on September 9th!

It will be available for Windows, Linux, and Android. You can buy the game from the Itch.io page or the Google Play Store page once it is available.

It’s been the most fun project to work on so far. Probably because there were few issues that I needed to deal with or just the fact that the overall complexity of the game was relatively low. That said, rarely ever does a game go from being an idea in my head to being a full product, and retains the art style and gameplay that I originally imagined.

I’m happy overall.

Yet Another Side Project

Having fun with Blender

Over the past few months, the YouTube algorithm has been continuously feeding me various tutorials for things. It started with Blender tutorials for modelling, then shaders. The image above being a tease of the thing I’m working on. After that, the Unity tutorials starting coming. However, these were all about one subject: procedural animation.

I got interested, and decided that I want to make a playable prototype of a game idea using these techniques. However, I’ve underestimated the complexity of this project. To start off with, I have to build a 3rd person character controller with various movement options, and the have it interact with various objects and the large monster I’m going to put in it. This monster will be driven mostly by procedural animation.

The player was originally going to be driven by this system, but then I discovered Unity’s Animation Rigging tools that allow me to use IK targeting in tandem with the animations I already have. I haven’t started using these tools yet, but it should be interesting.

I’m going to try and document the development of this prototype, showing all the different systems and how things work. I’ll be streaming development on Twitch and posting it to my new game development YouTube channel.

That’s all for now, I’ll leave you with this.