Year 3 – 08343

Commercial Games Development


The first part of the project was to create a design document for a game based on the needs of the client. The game’s theme was also proposed by the client and detailed as follows:

[T]he aim of the game would be to promote environmental awareness, e.g. by helping to develop an understanding of pollution issues, saving energy and/or improving the environment through planting trees and other eco-projects.

I proposed a game idea called “Landfill Golf”. A satirical golf game where the player would try and play golf, but various piles of trash would get in the way.

The second part of development was to develop the game based on the previously made design documents from one of our team. The game we chose was called “Litter Dash”, a game about throwing the correct rubbish into the correct bin while avoiding obstacles.

Our team decided to build the game using XNA. My job was to manage the team, development, and maintain various documentation. I created UML diagrams for the project and managed tasks. I also created the final documentation outlining the development of the game.

No downloads are available for this project.