Year 2 – 08220

Systems Analysis, Design & Process

Taught By: Dr. Peter Robinson, Rob Miles


This module taught the various programming design patterns, various project development methods, ethical & legal considerations, among other aspects.

It led to a group project where we were meant to develop a piece of functional software based on a spec given to us, with evidence to show that we were planning out the design and implementation of the program over a series of meetings and various notes.


The coursework was to build a piece of software for a ticket hall in a theatre. The software allowed users to book and reserve seats to performances. Our task was to plan out the software by designing UML diagrams and then to build it in C# with WPF.

My specific task was to be project manager. I handled most of the written work and led the design side of things. My jobs included creating a Gantt chart for the development schedule, helping design the UI, taking minutes for the meetings, building UML class diagrams, and general documentation of the software.

Here are some images from the documentation:

Unfortunately, the project files are no longer available/non-functional.