“Coffin Dodgers” (2012-2014)

“Coffin Dodgers” was a mobile game developed primarily for the Android platform, with consideration towards Windows Phone. The game is a “Wario-ware” style game with multiple gameplay mechanics that keep the player on edge.

The general premise of the game is “A typical day in the life of a pensioner”. However, it uses exaggerated characters and a cartoon art-style to allow the game to use far more ridiculous scenarios than what an actual pensioner would have.


Reason For Cancellation:

Unorganised development, time scheduling issues, general lack of interest from team members, and a lack of gameplay ideas within the design document.

Development Dates:

Began April 2012, was estimated to finish Early 2014.

Involved People:

  • Adam Connor Lutton
  • Philip Jones
  • Eduard Brown
  • Michael Bower
  • Hallam Storey


  • Android Devices
  • Windows Phone
  • Windows PC
  • Linux (Possibly)

Project Type:

Mobile/Casual Game

Project Status:

Cancelled within late-design stages/pre-production. Looking to sell idea to any interested parties.