Name: Paddles_Ball_&_Pegs
Platform: Android Phones and Tablets
Date of Release: 20th July 2016
Developers: Adam Lutton, Craig Law

Google Play Store Link

“A local multiplayer game (Two people on the same device) based on classic gameplay design with some new twists to the formula to increase the challenge and fun. On top of that, there are also additional single-player modes of different game types.

In the main mode, use the touchscreen to control your paddle to hit the ball towards your opponent. With additional obstacles making the game more challenging. Two people can play together on the same phone or tablet.

Challenge yourself in our other modes to see how high of a score you can reach.

Have fun!”


  • Requires Android Version 4.4 and onwards
  • Plays at a 9:16 aspect ratio (Portrait), and phones not using this ratio may suffer from a letterboxing effect.
  • Made in Unity 5.4.

Privacy Policy

This game does not collect any user data whatsoever.

My Role(s):

Game Designer, Lead Developer.

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