Privacy Policy & Streaming Policy

Privacy Policy

I am not currently, nor will ever collect personal information about you, nor do I have any interest in selling it to third parties.

I am not interested in working with partners that engage in this practice either.

I may collect data from feedback surveys, but these are separate from the applications and products I develop and will be opt-in. And to reiterate, I do not collect private data from them such as names, e-mails, phone numbers, etc.; I only get anonymised feedback related to product.

Streaming Policy

Are you interested in streaming a game I have made? You are free to do so, personally or commercially.

Although not required, I would appreciate if you provide a link to any games I’ve made in video descriptions where possible.

If you have any questions about the points discussed here, feel free to contact me through the various social channels I have. Or the contact form on the site providing it is available.