Year 3 – 08356

Games Programming and Advanced Graphics


This module was split into two parts. The first part was a group project to build a game engine that could output a game to both PC and PlayStation Vita using OpenTK and PlayStation Mobile respectively.

My task to start with was to create the AI for the game, which I did design work for before giving it to another member of the team. After that, I handled the paperwork for the project, design, minutes, documentation, etc. I understood the development of the project, but did not provide any code.

I am going to provide a download for the game below.

The second part of the module focused on shaders. The lab work had us experimenting with different shader visuals and techniques. The software we used was RenderMonkey, and the shader language was GLSL.

For the coursework, I had to make something called “Teapot Wars”. A 3D scene where various teapot models had different shaders attached to them. Here is a link for the report I made that includes images of the various shader effects and code.