Stealth Adventure Game (Unity 2D)

Project Title:



The game was designed to be a 2D platformer, stealth, exploration game. The player would explore a series of environments, avoiding enemy detection, while gathering information about the character they were playing. The game’s main mechanic was using the number of player character deaths to gate off areas, making the game easier or harder depending on how well the player did. It would have also affected how the game ended.


Windows PC, other platforms were considered.

Development Dates:

20th July 2015 – 12th December 2016

Proposed Release Date:

Ideally: October 2017
Realistically: Q4 2017

Individuals Involved:

Adam Lutton

Reason For Cancellation:

Development was becoming too convoluted from what the original idea was and was getting complex to the point where it was becoming difficult to develop the game with only a single developer within any reasonable time frame. Additionally, motivation and morale hit a significant low, leading to abandonment.