04/10/2013 – Couple Things To Rabble On About…

So quick update on my PC; I decided that after realizing that I lacked the time or resources to properly evaluate what the Hell is wrong with my PC, I caved a got a computer-repair service to come take it. That’s about as far as that update goes, I haven’t heard anything since I handed it over yesterday.

Second thing I feel like discussing is that I’m finally considering rebuilding this site, although whether I do it myself or pay someone to do it for me has yet to be seen. I definitely looked at few HTML5 templates I could use, but I feel like PHP might be the better option. We’ll see how things go.

In other, completely unrelated news; I’m still watching way too much anime and Breaking Bad ended. Now I can focus on work till Game Of Thrones starts up early next year. In terms of games, well I’ll probably make a post on that soon. Maybe tomorrow.

So as far as my first week back in Hull goes; it’s been kind of literally shitty, but I got to see my classmates again and that was fun.