27/09/2013 – So here’s my “FUCK EVERYTHING” post for the year.

OK, so let me explain to you what the fuck has happened to me in the last 38 hours.

So basically I’m travelling to England for Uni via coach, usual shit. Two things happened there; I saw a dude get kicked off the coach for straight up being wasted as fuck coming of the boat, and I finally got my first StreetPass.

Then I got to the city where my Uni is and I do the usual of getting my key and such, drop some stuff off and then go and get the rest of my stuff from the storage locker. Now here’s the bullshit. I get back and start setting up my PC. Once that’s all good to go, I press the button.

Press again. Nothing.

Power is connected, everything is fine. It just won’t start.

So I open up the case and notice two things; one, it has a bunch of cobwebs in it (No spiders, just webs), and two; the motherboard is not lighting up the way it should when the power cable is put in. So I’m guessing a few things at this point. The motherboard is broke, the PSU is broke, or static got in a fucked everything. Either way, I’m too fucking tired to do a full series of check ups right now, so I’ll get to my next point.

I live in a Uni owned house, which means they’d provided the Internet. NOW, they are charging extra just to get the speeds I had earlier in the year, or pay nothing and get the same shitty connection I had when living in London. They gave into the fucking Internet monopoly that everyone who lives in this dump has complained about. Scumbags!

So my badass PC is busted, I’m getting over-charged for something that used to be standard, and I’ve been awake for over 38 hours and I can barely think or see straight. So I have to use my fucking laptop to tell you all that I ate a Steak while arguing with my sister in English and Japanese.

So how are you assholes doing?