13/06/2022 – I Have A New YouTube Channel

And you can visit it right here.

So why did I make a second YouTube channel? Simple reason really, there’s stuff on my gaming channel that I wish to separate from my game development material. You may have noticed that whenever I posted game dev videos here or on Itch they were always an unlisted video.

I didn’t really want to clutter my gaming channel with development stuff because I thought it might cause an audience imbalance. So I’ve now separated them.

I’ve currently uploaded a few videos I’ve previously posted about Game Jam games and older projects. Going forward I’ll likely be posting videos about new and current projects among other things. Maybe even some tutorials, depending on how I feel.

The original channel isn’t going anywhere, if anything I’ll be uploading new stuff more frequently to it as I clip and highlight stuff from games I play on my Twitch channel.

There’s more things to talk about, but I’ll save it for a future post.