17/07/2020 – Feedback Is Important

I don’t think I really need to point that out to you guys; but in relation to Space Cart, what feedback I got was somewhat useful.

A little video of what the game currently looks like. Let me give you an overview of everything that’s changed.

  • Borders around the game world are now removed and replaced with a system that loops the player around to the other side of the map. Still needs some work, but it’s better.
  • Waypoints are now displayed in a circle around the player instead of around the edges of the screen. This makes it easier to aim towards where you want to go.
  • Information regarding the ship’s velocity and speed have been moved closer to the centre of the screen.
  • The delivery pages at stations now show what your current inventory limit is, and makes deliveries non interactable if that limit is reached.
  • Speed is now limited.
  • Stars and other far background elements are now parallaxed.
  • Player’s can now change their resolution and window modes within the game.
  • Waypoints now use a simpler sprite.
  • Did a first pass on several UI elements, including fonts.
  • The player’s ship can now have custom paint jobs on it thanks to sprite masks.
  • Fixed a bug where planets overlapping each other would cause a visual bug.
  • Debis and space junk now spawn.
  • Player’s can now rest and repair at certain stations.
  • Camera zooming is now smoothed out.
  • Survival systems are now partially implemented.
  • Various other bug fixes and changes.

Some may argue that list is a little light for three months worth of work, but I would say that the game is now a lot less rough as a result.

I’m quite thankful to those who gave me feedback, it really motivated me to make the game a lot better.


I have begun the process of relearning C++. Every Monday or so, I stream myself doing some C++ programming.

It has been interesting. Now that I’m doing it at my own pace, I seriously wonder why I was having issues with it at Uni. I suppose my sleep deprivation and general burnout may have been the main reason.

But getting back to the point; C++ has a few interesting features that I quite like. Ternary operators are quite an interesting feature. My less liked feature that is still interesting, is having to declare functions before making them. I’m kinda glad C# doesn’t do that.

I’m gonna stick with it.

Contact Changes

Due to an influx of spam messages, I am going to disable the Contact page until further notice. If you want to contact me, try my Itch page instead for now.

Anything Else?

Yes, I am currently taking a break from development work so I can play Ghost Of Tsushima. I’ve been streaming it on Twitch in case you want to come watch.

On a less dumb note, I’ve been upping my Kanji study by spending most of my mornings writing Kanji and their readings. It’s OK, but I don’t know if it’s sticking in my head much. I’ve been looking into additional phone apps and learning tools to see if I can help that.

Anyway, that’s about it from me. I’m probably gonna do a Den update soonish. Take care.