11/10/2016: Things I’m Doing These Days

That’s a good five months between posts? My bad.

First things first, I released that shitty pong clone I was working on, it took me 3 months longer to make than I thought, and 2 months longer to mention the fact I released it. Either way, you can go play it now. I’ll be making a page on this site for it at some point. Here is the site page for the game.

Additionally, I still intend on updating the site with all the stuff I did at Uni at some point.

Now on to what I’ve actually been doing.

I’ve been working on my game, or at least half-working on it. And when I wasn’t working on it, I was going to the Enterprise Centre to sort out my business plan; which is now more or less sorted, I just need to fix it up a bit more. Unfortunately, my game isn’t ready to show yet, probably won’t be until sometime next year once I get the art ready and have something to play. I intend on releasing a demo on itch.io when it’s ready, so people will be able to give me feedback on it.

As for video games, I’ve been playing the new Destiny expansion, Forza Horizon 3, Dark Souls III, and the Japanese version of Persona 5. I’ll probably give my impressions of them when I can be bothered to do so. Although do expect a post where I rant about the Xbox One in the somewhat near future.

But yeah, that’s what I’ve been doing. See you whenever.