11/04/2015 – Two Lessons Learnt

So since the beginning of the Easter break I’ve been keeping my head down and doing coursework. Meaning I’ve been doing little else minus watching a fair amount of anime late at night. Coursework is going OK, my final project report hasn’t really been started, but it will be shortly; Visualization is 4/5ths complete, with just one task remaining; and Mobile is coming along, albeit slowly.

Reflecting back to last year where I had a week to do 400 hours worth of work (Which I maintain was a fucking insane amount for a programmer with less than two years experience, and would still be insane even now), I definitely learnt my lesson about not doing work within a correct timeframe and falling behind.

I mean strictly speaking, I’m still somewhat behind with my project and this Mobile coursework, but it’s far easier to catch up.

Now that I’m done reflecting…

Fuck Adware.
I’ve spent the last two days dealing with Malware on my machine. I fucking hate this shit. It puts me into a cold fucking sweat every single fucking time. I’m almost certain it’s completely removed now, but I’m still panicking about it.

So, second lesson of the day: Stay the fuck away from dodgy Internet sites and make sure your antivirus is good.