24/06/2013 – 2 Weeks Of Video Games Is Oddly Cathartic

So I’m back home in Enniskillen now, waiting for September to creep back up on me. As the title said, I’ve spent the last two week playing the back catalogue of games that I’ve given myself; mostly Persona 4 Arena, Catherine, and Valkyria Chronicles. However I won’t be going on about those here.

Instead, let me tell you the tale of how my own stupidity bit me in the arse two years after making a serious mistake. So I have two computers at the moment, this one being the first one that was built in 2010 with a Intel i7 930, Radeon HD5970 (Now a GTX 580), 12GB of RAM and the like. Pretty damn good computer for the time I built it. However there was always a slight problem, it kept fucking blue-screening and I couldn’t figure out why. I changed graphics cards, drivers, and more to see if it improved; and no dice. Recently I decided to change the RAM because I previous update to my BIOS showed that I was only using 8GB of the 12GB I had installed. Figured it must have been the wrong RAM for the motherboard.

So I replaced it with what was the correct RAM, and got the same result. After some research I figured out the issue; the i7 930 I have is a Quad-Core, to use Triple-Channel RAM on my motherboard, I would need a Hex-Core. I really wish I had known that before building this thing and wasting my time buying new RAM (Which I returned for a full refund, thank you OverClockersUK). Now I’m tempted to either gut it for the HDDs and GPU and build a Sandy Bridge/Ivy Bridge machine, or just wait it out for a few more years and dump it once I get my other PC back as my main rig.

I also bought a 3DSXL. It’s kinda cool, but extremely social in the way I’m not. Lots of local connection stuff like StreetPass, which doesn’t benefit me at all because I live in the middle of freaking nowhere at moment.

As for other stuff I’m doing, I’m currently re-building MGC¬†with more features and a serious graphical overhaul. Which leads me onto the next thing; because I have a lot of projects to do for the next couple of months, I figured I’d start doing some Progress Report stuff here so you guys can see how things are coming along and watch me hit my head against a wall repeatedly. I’ll post the first one of those in the next couple of days or so. And there will be another MGCast soon, or some kind of podcast at least.