08/04/2012 – Possible Site Revamp?

So a whole lot of nothing has happened since my last post. The podcast I used to do started back up and promptly died not long after; I actually got something “Playable” working in XNA (Sort of); and I spent two weeks doing nothing but playing Persona 4 Golden. Which I have NO REGRETS ABOUT WHAT SO EVER.

Other than that, a friend of mine is building a website using ASP.NET, and seeing as I’m interested in getting the fuck off WordPress, I’m started looking into it as well. Albeit, he’s doing in pure code, I’m more likely to go down the Web Forms route which has more of a GUI when it come to customization. If you’ve used WPF in Visual Studio, basically that. Just to minimize the amount of programming work and to build something usable quickly.

Not that I have anything against WordPress, but the lack of customization for things like fonts or backgrounds really drives me nuts. Unless I wanted to change it in the CSS file for the template I’m using, but I would rather just build something from scratch and add whatever I needed when I need it, and have a much deeper level of customizability. Not to mention I have to go around WordPress to host my own files because they have a upload limit, despite the fact that I’m the one hosting them on a server that I am paying for.

And guess what, remember that game I was supposed to be working on with a few people I know? Well it got cancelled, but you can see the work I did for it here. I really hope this doesn’t become a habit, because I really want something to my name other than failed ideas and broken down projects.