24/10/2012 – Dragon, Spider, Go Fishing?

An odd set of words, but yes, that’s what I got for my selection during the Three thing Game Auction. Actually, I already have a few ideas of what I would like to do to it. Currently I’m floating on an idea to do a turn-based strategy game, with platforming/combat elements when the player lands on something. It might be a bit too mechanically complicated to build in a 24-hour time period; luckily I have other, simpler ideas.

I’ll be posting design documents and some coding stuff for that after the event, maybe on Sunday or Monday. Even if we do have to use one of my other ideas, the concept of a turn-based multiplayer game with actual gameplay sections that are engaging and fun to play; seems like an interesting idea. Might use it for something. Our team name is “Team HAL 9000” by the way. Both as an homage to Kubrick’s “2001: A Space Odyssey” (Yes, I know it was originally a book), and because our names are Hal, Adam, and Lukas.

As for my text-based adventure game, it’s coming along. And by that I mean the first “Question” has been set with the multiple pathways to the other questions. That being said, I’ve learnt a bit more code since I wrote that part, and might need to re-do it at some point. I should at least finish it some point after this weekend.

I will also be adding projects to my “Current” page soon too, and a picture of my ugly mug to my “About” page.