09/10/2012 – Let’s Start-Over

Right, first off; welcome to my blog. I’m not sure how you found this if I didn’t send the direct link, but feel free to stick around if you want.

So all of the important pages are in the site at this point, so I can finally start adding some content… Which I don’t entirely have right now; but soon!

In regards to learning code, it’s coming along nicely. C# doesn’t seem to be a difficult language to get a grip on, although the over-hanging presence of Microsoft software in everything to do with it is rather uncomfortable. I did find a free open-source compiler, Mono, and that lets me keep practising this stuff. I’m tempted to write a text-based adventure game, it shouldn’t be too difficult.

I’ll start adding info to the pages sometime in the next week or so; and if I do make my text-adventure, I’ll be sure to post it in the “Gallery” pages somewhere.